Services Offered by SelectFor

SelectFor offers a range of professional forestry services.


SelectFor can:
  • produce feasibility studies based on individual objectives and circumstances
  • provide strategies and guidance for the transformation process
  • undertake economic assessments of the effect of adopting Continuous Cover forest management
  • design and assist in the implementation of monitoring and measurement programmes that will provide data to guide the development of the stands and to determine sustainable levels of production.


SelectFor runs training courses in irregular silviculture with an emphasis on practical implementation and marking. Courses aimed at policy makers and associated professionals are under preparation. Open Courses for 12 people are available at regular intervals but Courses can also be set up for individual organisations on demand.

Forest Management:

Forest management is usually undertaken locally by the members of SelectFor within their individual businesses but for complex projects SelectFor offers the opportunity for joint working to bring together the members’ wide range of skills.

Advice on Certification:

Huw Denman is an experienced auditor of the FSC and PEFC forest certification schemes and offers consultancy services on all aspects of the process.