Management of Irregular Forests
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An important new publication from the Association Futaie Irrégulière. First published in France in 2010, the 2011 edition in English is now for sale from SelectFor.

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I would regard it as the most significant book on silviculture to be published in English in the last 75 years.
From a review by Rodney Helliwell, QJF July 2012 Vol 106 No. 3


Book Highlights:

  • Presents the approach to irregular silviculture developed over the last 15 years by leading French private forest managers
  • Describes the AFI network of irregular silviculture research stands set-up by a leading forest scientist across France, Belgium, England, Luxemburg and Ireland
  • Records 20 years of monitoring irregular silviculture through measurements of dendrological, economic and environmental parameters
  • Presents results from 6 research stands of biological and economic growth and development
  • Includes 11 Information Sheets detailing all aspects of management and transformation of even-aged stands

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